Invitation to Bid

A. Phase III Procurement of ICT Hardware and Equipment for Enhancement of ICT Infrastructure in the FAB
B. One (1) Unit of Brand New Multi-purpose Vehicle
C. Two (2) Units of Brand New Pick-Up Vehicle
D. Collection, Hauling of Residual Solid Waste from AFAB Locators and Sweeping Waste of FAB Roads and Facilities to AFAB’s Transfer Station prior disposal to Sanitary Landfill
E. Supply and Delivery of Aluminum Sulfate with 15%-17% alumina content and Liquid Chlorine with 99.90% chlorine content
F. Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Public Address System for AFAB Administration Building
G. Design, Supply, Installation of Equipment and Components for the Enhancement of CCTV (Phase I)
H. Security Services for Seven Areas of Responsibility under AFAB
I. Security Services for Additional Areas of Responsibility (AOR VIII-XII) under AFAB

J. Supply and Installation of New 15MVA Power Transformer
K. Construction of Factory Building – FB 3
L. Site Development for Factory Building Phase One (1)
M. Construction of Designated Examination (DEA) Building
N. Construction of Solid Waste Transfer Station
O. Repair of Two (2) Units Damaged Rapid Sand Filter (Nos. 1 & 4)
P. Records Center