The Fastest Growing Freeport in the Philippines

The Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) actively encourages, promotes, induces and accelerates a sound and balanced industrial, economic, and social development of the country in order to provide jobs to the people, especially those in the rural areas, increase productivity and individual and family income, and thereby improve the level and quality of living conditions through the establishment, among others, of special economic zones in suitable and strategic locations in the country and through measures that will attract legitimate and productive foreign investments.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Program is the Government’s response to the call for transparency and full public disclosure of information. FOI is a government mechanism, which allows Filipino citizens to request any information about government transactions and operations, provided that it shall not put into jeopardy – privacy and matters of national security.

The FOI mechanism for the Executive Branch is enabled via Executive Order No. 2, series of 2016.

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Making a wise investment decision should never be complicated. The factors you need to consider should be clear, simple, and no more than a handful. When seeking an ideal site, this logical path leads you inevitably to Freeport Area of Bataan. Know the five compelling reasons to stay.


We know how important it is for our locators to be competitive that is why we see to it they have spacious working and transport areas as well as utility services that are competitive in terms of quality and price. See the different thriving industries at FAB.


We assure our investors a superior business support system - an immigration One-Stop-Shop, FAB's Enhanced Automated Cargo Transfer System and a Labor Center. These initiatives underscore how FAB is pulling all the stops to make investing in Bataan a truly compelling decision.