FAB Total Gasoline Station and Bonjour Convenience Store hold Grand Opening Ceremony

One Mariveles Fuel Corporation (OMFC) held a grand opening ceremony of the Total Gasoline Station alongside with the opening of its sublessee Bonjour Convenience Store last 15 May 2018 at the New FAB Diversion.

Mr. Romeo Tagle, the President and major shareholder of OMFC, Ms. Anette Manansala, Treasurer and Vice President, Ms. Jennifer Jaring, the Corporate Secretary and Opertions Manager, the Operator and Management Team of R8 Philippines led by Dra. Rina Tagle, Atty Riza Tagle, Betina Tagle, and Romina Tagle, AFAB’s Chairman and Administrator Emmanuel Pineda, Mariveles Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion, and Bataan Governor Albert Garcia were present at the ceremony.

The company acquired a franchise for the first Total Gas Station in the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB). The construction of the gas station, stalls and commercial areas and offices started on June 2016 while its commercial operation began on 21 February 2018. With its advantageous and accessible location, it started to attract different customer groups in the area.

Bonjour Convenience Store, on the other hand, is under the R8 Philippines Inc. (R8), a sublessee company of OMFC made possible through the shared efforts and hardwork of its 15 workforces, office and operation excluding its contractual and project employees.

OMFC is a FAB Registered Enterprise engaged in the business of importation and trading of goods such as crude oil, petrol products, and other allied supplies for motor vehicles; and to establish, operate and maintain convenient stores, mini-restaurant or refreshment parlors, cocktail lounges and cater foods and drinks.

R8 is likewise a FAB Registered engaged in the business of operating and managing restaurants, coffee shops, bars, canteens, and other related activities.

The FAB is the Freeport of choice in the Philippines for high-end fashion manufacturing enterprises, having posted the fastest growth rate in both investment and employment generation from 2012 to 2016. Through pioneering efforts in corporate governance and multi-sectoral collaboration, the FAB envisions itself to be a development catalyst in the country, via the creation of meaningful employment and inclusive economic growth in Central Luzon. The establishment of new businesses is a great addition as it is seen not just an economic activity booster but serves a social function as well for FAB and the whole Mariveles.


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