1. Shall be a constituted business enterprise organized or domiciled in the Philippines.

2. Must establish a separate business organization to conduct business exclusively within the FAB which shall be a separate taxable entity.

3. Must be included in the Strategic Investments Priority Plan (SIPP).

1. Go to https://firb.gov.ph/ or https://www.firms.firb.gov.ph/login.

2. Create an account under the Fiscal Incentives Registration and Monitoring System (FIRMS) and complete the data and documents required.

3. Payment of Application Fee

4. Presentation to the Business Development Committee (BDC)

5. Presentation to the Management Committee

6. Presentation to the Board of Directors for approval

7. Processing of the Registration Agreement (RA) and/or
Contract of Lease (CoL)

8. Payment of Registration Fee and Performance Bond and other
fees, as may be applicable

9. Issuance of Certificate of Registration (CoR)

  • SEC or DTI Certificate of  Registration
  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • Sworn declaration of authenticity and validity of submitted information
  • Google map location
  • Latest audited financial statement
  • Notarized Activity / Project Undertaking
  • Contract of Lease (if applicable)
  • Lot plan/Development Plan
  • Concept Structure Plan


From submission of complete documentary requirements to AFAB Board approval – 30 to 40 calendar days.

  • To ensure fulfilment of the commitments (investment capital, Start of Commercial Operations) by the registrant, the AFAB requires new applicants to post a performance bond (PB).
  • Upon completion of all the committed improvements and development works, the PB shall be cancelled and returned to the registrant. Otherwise, the PB shall be forfeited in favor of the Authority.
  • Only FREs are required to post a bond.