Notice of Rescheduling

A. Supply of Manpower, Tools & Office Supplies and Equipment for the Collection, Hauling of Residual Solid Waste from Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) Locators, Facilities, Parks and Road Networks to the FAB Transfer Station, prior disposal to a Sanitary Landfill (SLF)
B. Procurement of basket truck: Supply and Delivery of Brand New Insulated derrick Crane Truck with Fiber Glass Bucket
C. Purchase of Brand New (2000 Liters Water Capacity) Fire Truck – Phase 1
D. Purchase of Brand New (4000 Liters Water Capacity) Fire Truck – Phase 2

E. Vehicle Classification and Priority Scheme using Sensor Modules on a Multi-lane Environment
F. Construction of 69KV Switching Station (Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning)
G. Construction of Slope Protection at Universal Weavers Corporation
H. Rehabilitation of Pump houses (Elevation 35,90 and 140)
I. Site Development for Factory Building Phase II ( 2.3 Construction of Open Canal including box culvert and wingwall at 13th avenue and slope protection along 6th street)
J. Repair of Road intended for Universal Weavers Corp along 7th Street
K. Site Development: Concreting of SFB 14 Open Space
L. Repair of Dormitory: Repair of Damaged Roofing at Sampaguita Dormitory – Phase 2