Bid Bulletin No. 5-2017

A. Phase III Procurement of ICT Hardware and Equipment for Ehancement of ICT Infrastructure in the FAB
B. One (1) Unit Brand New Multi-purpose Vehicle
C. Two (2) Units Brand New Pick-Up Vehicle
D. Consultancy Services for the Preparation of Comprehensive Master Development Plan of the Freeport Area of Bataan
E. Collection, Hauling of Residual Solid Waste from AFAB Locators and Sweeping Waste of FAB Roads and Facilities to AFAB’s Transfer Station prior disposal to a Sanitary Landfill
F. Repair Works of AFAB Admin Bldg. Stage 1 (Chipping Works of Existing Concrete Facade Including repair/restoration of pre-determined damage area)
G. Replacement of Existing/Damaged/Corroded Roofing Materials in Narra Dormitory
H. Construction of 2nd floor of FAB Fire Station
I. Supply and Installation of Control Panels
J. Supply and Installation of New 15 MVa Transformer