Bid Bulletin No. 1

05 May 2014

A. Repair of Four (4) units Comfort Rooms (3•d Floor Right Wing) & Realignment of Sewerlines at SFB No. 8
B. Supply, Installation, configuration and Set Up of Next Generation Firewall at AFAB Server Room
C. Supply of Water Meters
D. Aluminum Sulfate w/ 15-17% Alumina Content @ 5Okg/bag and liquid chlorine content@68kg/cyl
E. Purchase of Mini Dumptruck
F. Supply of Construction Materials for Central Warehouse
G. Supply of Firefighting Gears/Clothing and Equipment
H. Supply of Tools and Equipment for Law Enforcement Division
I. Supply and Installation of Display and Exhibit Materials for Photo Wall and Maps
J. ICT Equipment
K. Furniture and Fixture for Basement and Ground Floor (New and refurbish)