(From left) Special Assistant to the Administrator Augusto "Bing" Kimpo, AFAB Deputy Administrator for Support Services Malou L. Herrera, AFAB Administrator Mohammed Hussein P. Pangandaman, Atty. Dot Gancayco, and AFAB Chairman Atty. Pablo M. Gancayco.

In the last week, the new team at AFAB continued engaging with more of the Freeport’s stakeholders. 

Administrator Hussein Pangandaman last Friday spoke before the Bataan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His message to them: the Freeport is open for business, especially to local businesses. Admin Hussein spoke of the expanded thrust, as enabled by FAB’s latest Charter, to attract locators from business sectors beyond those engaged in manufacturing – a call received enthusiastically by the Chamber.

AFAB Administrator Mohammeh Hussein P. Pangandaman with the Bataan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (BACCI). Beside the Administrator is Mr. Paulo Tibig, in a navy blue coat, a noted entrepreneur and motivational speaker, and former AFAB Board Director.

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The early part of the week was focused in a corporate huddle with AFAB’s management team, as it sought to harmonize its plans for the next two years, consistent with the Administrator’s drive to take fuller advantage of the opportunities presented by FAB’s new charter, particularly with regard to digitally-oriented businesses. Already, a number of prospective locators have expressed interest in the Freeport, including those involved in the technology space. He challenged Team AFAB to improve the customer experience, and zeroed in on drastically cutting down the locator registration process.

AFAB Administrator Mohammed Hussein P. Pangandaman with Aurora Pacific Ecozone (APECO) President and CEO Israel Madudoc.

Also that week, fellow Investment Promotion Agency head Israel Madudoc, President and CEO of Aurora Pacific Ecozone (APECO) called on his AFAB counterpart, to congratulate him on his appointment.

AFAB Administrator Mohammed Hussein P. Pangandaman with AFAB PSSD Head Col. Harry Sucayre and NBI SA Nathaniel Ramos.
AFAB Administrator Mohammed Hussein P. Pangandaman, Special Assistant to the Administrator Augusto "Bing" Kimpo, and AFAB PSSD Head Col. Harry Sucayre as they receive Col. Palmer Tria, Provincial Director-Philippine National Police.

The busy week was capped by meetings with partners in security services. Administrator Pangandaman received Nathaniel Ramos, Supervising Agent of the National Bureau of Investigation in Bataan; and Col. Palmer Tria, Provincial Director of the Philippine National Police. In their respective discussions, Administrator Pangandaman spoke of furthering collaboration with each.

Later, the Administrator also welcomed AFAB Chairman Pablo Gancayco.

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