AFAB honors outstanding locators at the first FAB Stakeholders’ Night

MARIVELES, BATAAN – The Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) presented various awards to its key stakeholders to recognize their significant contribution in expanding investment projects and continuous development of the freeport during the first FAB Stakeholders’ Night at Camaya Coast.

The FAB Stakeholders’ Night and the FAB Awards were conceived as part of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the passage of Republic Act (RA) 9728, the law that established the Freeport in 2010.

AFAB Chairman and Administrator Deogracias G.P. Custodio explained that the Authority held the event and gave the FAB Awards to show gratitude and appreciation to all its stakeholders, acknowledging their role in the success of the FAB in the first five years of its operations.

“Since the Authority took over operations from the Bataan Export Processing Zone, it was able to increase the number of locators by nearly 236%, from 39 in 2010 to 92 in August this year. The AFAB is also luring more foreign investments. These are among the reasons why the FAB was tagged as the fastest growing freeport in the country over the past two years,” Chairman Custodio noted.

“We acknowledge that all of these achievements came with the help of hard work and passion of our locators and key stakeholders. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we, sometimes or too often, forget to thank the people that helped the AFAB to get this far. So tonight, all we wanted to say is thank you,” he said in his message during the Stakeholders’ Night.

One of the highlights of the FAB Awards was the presentation of plaque of recognition to Cong. Enrique Garcia and Bataan Gov. Albert Raymond Garcia, the Father of the AFAB and author of RA 9728.

“We thank you Gov. Garcia from day one for supporting us (the AFAB). You have inspired us and you led the way because of your hard work. You challenged us with your vision for the province and the freeport. It was very humbling for all of us to see such a hard working congressman and governor,” Chairman Custodio said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Garcia reaffirmed his strong support to the FAB. “We still have many challenges to face and I want to assure you (locators and the AFAB) that the province of Bataan will continue to work on solutions so that we can overcome any problems that we will encounter,” he said.

The local government unit (LGU) of Mariveles also received a plaque of recognition for its efforts to help the AFAB lure more investors to the freeport.

“On behalf of the LGU and the municipality of Mariveles, I thanked the AFAB for trusting in our governance. I also congratulate the AFAB for being the number 1 investment zone in the country,” Mariveles Mayor Jesse Concepcion said after receiving the award.

“The growth of AFAB comes with the progress of the municipality. With this, I would like to thank the Authority and all the FAB locators for helping the local government. Rest assured you could count on us and the LGU of Mariveles to work hand in hand for the continued progress of the freeport and the municipality itself,” he added.

“You’re truly a partner to the AFAB. We share your vision of revitalizing and bringing growth back to the municipality, just as what we have during the days of then BEZ-PEZA,” Chairman Custodio told Mayor Concepcion.

Two more major awards were introduced during the event, the Top Employer Award and Top Exporter Award.

The Top Employer Award was conferred on outstanding locators that have provided gainful employment and at the same time promoted and supported the Authority’s policies on industrial peace, harmony and productivity. The award was granted based on the firms’ job generation over the past four years, labor compliance, commitment to employee welfare and  government enterprise-based programs, and conduct of corporate social responsibility activities.

The top five companies that received the award were Essilor Mfg. Phils. Inc., Chun Chiang Ent. Mfg. Co. Inc., Desk Top Bags Phils. Inc., Mitsumi Phils. Inc. and Boast Inc.

On the other hand, locators who recorded the highest export value from 2010 to 2013 were also awarded. All FAB-registered enterprises were assessed and group into four categories based on their average number of workers.

After exporting USD155,000,383.00 worth of electronic components, Japanese enterprise Mitsumi Phils. Inc. ranked first in the 1000 and above category, while tennis ball producer Dunlop Slazenger Phils. Inc. topped the 500 and above category with its shipment worth USD121,829,396.00

Almatech Manufacturing Corp, a susidiary of Dong-In Group of Companies that exports anodized/ powder coated aluminum frames, won in the 100 and above category after recording USD28,668,212.00 export value. Saemwoo Chemical Manufacturing Corp., meanwhile, outlasted all locators with 99 employees and below after shipping USD7,538,856.00 worth of products to Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam over the past four years.

All FAB enterprises were also presented with Locators Appreciation Award in recognition of their support to the activities and programs of the AFAB.

The top officials of the AFAB congratulate all the awardees and locators.

“To our locators, the ones that were there from the very beginning, thank you for your abiding faith and loyalty in us. To our new locators who took a leap of faith, thank you for choosing us and providing more job for the people of Bataan and the country as a whole,” Chairman Custodio said.

Deputy Administrators Emmanuel Pineda and Patrick Ty added that they take pride in having all FAB locators as partners in boosting the growth of the local economy.

Gov. Garcia also commended the locators. “It is because of you that FAB is the fastest growing freeport for the past two years, therefore creating thousands of new jobs for the people of Mariveles and Bataan,” he stressed.

AFAB Chainman and Administrator Deogracias G.P. Custodio (upper photo) delivers his message during the FAB Stakeholder’s Night Mr. Hector Taleon, an official of Mitsumi Phils. Inc., (first photo from left) receives the Top Exporter Award for Ranking first in the 1000 and above category. Dong-In Group of Companies head Mr. Ki Jun Park (right photo at the bottom) receives the same award for Alamatech Manufacturing Corp. the top exporter in the 100 and above category.

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