AFAB and Mariveles-LGU meet for 2nd MAPSC Meeting

The Mariveles-AFAB Partnership Steering Committee (MAPSC) held its monthly meeting on 18 April 2018 at the Audio-Visual Room, 2/F AFAB Administration Building with an agenda that focused on environmental and housing concerns.

Presiding over the meeting was MAPSC Co-Chairman and AFAB Deputy Administrator for Operations Alewijn Aidan K. Ong. In attendance were MAPSC Chairman and Mariveles Vice Mayor Angelito Rubia, members of the MAPSC Steering Committee and the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) on Security, Informal Settler Families and FAB Housing Program/Projects, Environmental Management/Sanitation, Transport and Traffic Management, Labor, Tourism and Promotions, Economic Affairs and Public Health and Sanitation.

Highlighting the critical role of the FAB in local economic development and in providing livelihood for the Bataeños, the AFAB shared the latest employment statistics indicating the number of employment being provided by the FAB Registered Enterprises, status of employment and demographics of the labor force.

Likewise discussed during the MAPSC meeting were the shared social and environmental concerns on transport, traffic and garbage management within Mariveles. Particularly regarding the latter concern, mechanisms such as a task force which pushes for various projects, such as clean-up drives and information education campaigns, have already been set up by the LGU, and henceforth, agreed to be a critical area of partnership for MAPSC. A call for enhanced coordination and collaboration between the LGU and the AFAB, especially on matters of development projects, has also been concurred to.

The MAPSC was created through the Memorandum of Agreement entered into and executed on 08 December 2014 by and between the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) and Local Government Unit of Mariveles, Province of Bataan. Through the MAPSC, the parties agreed to mutually support and assist each other in ensuring the economic and social development of the FAB as a catalyst for growth that will benefit the lives of the people of Mariveles and the Province of Bataan.


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