Investment Guide

Initial Steps

  • The Applicant shall proceed to the Corporate Affairs Department for discussion of proposed business, including but not limited to, available/possible locations.
  • Once details have been finalized, the Applicant may proceed with the registration process.

Registration Process

Step 1

The Applicant shall submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of Intent accompanied by the Application Form
  2. Board Resolution of duly authorized representative / signatory
  3. Certified true copy of Business Registration (Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Papers, License to transact Business in the Philippines, DTI Registration)
  4. Resume of Stockholders & Key Management Officers
  5. Proposed site development plan to include perspective drawings, timetable and cost.
  6. Proof of Financial Capability (any or all of the following):
    • Latest audited financial Statements of enterprise (or parent/management company if applicable) stamped “Received ” by the Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • Latest income tax return of enterprise (or parent/management company if applicable)
    • Verifiable Bank Certification of deposits or approved loan or credit line; if equity financing is less than total project cost
  7. Formalities (licenses, permits, etc..) with National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and franchises from Congress, if applicable
  8. Brochures
  9. Other requirements as may be necessary

Step 2

Pay for the appropriate filing/application fee.

Step 3

The FAB Enterprise Department (FED) shall initially evaluate the project proposal and ensure the completeness of the submitted documents.
Reviewed applications are then submitted to the Governance Committee which shall recommend approval/disapproval of said application.
In case of disapproval, the FAB Enterprise Department shall state the specific reason/s for the same and the applicant may file for reconsideration.

Step 4

The Committee’s approval/disapproval shall be presented to the Board for confirmation. In case of disapproval, the same shall be stated in writing, and the applicant shall be allowed to re-submit appropriate requirements for consideration and approval.

Step 5

Upon confirmation of the Board, the Applicant may be asked to submit other documentary requirements and clearances necessary for the finalization of the Registration Agreement and/or Contract of Lease and the issuance of Certificate of Registration.

Step 6

The applicant and the AFAB shall sign the Registration Agreement and/or Contract of Lease provided that lessee has already acquired juridical personality either from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for local companies, or license from SEC for foreign registered corporation.

Step 7

The applicant shall post the performance bond (either through Cash or Surety) and pay the registration fee.

The AFAB shall issue the Certificate of Registration.